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Conference Committees

More information on LINQ 2014 will be posted here as it becomes available.

LINQ 2013:

The European and international Conference LINQ 2013 is organized and supported by the following Conference Committees:

Conference Co-Chairs:


Christian M. Stracke

Johannes Keizer

Conference Managers: Anne-Christin Tannhäuser
  Cornelia Helmstedt
  Natalja Richter
  Tatiana Shamarina-Heidenreich
Conference Communication: Sebastian Engel-Vermette
  Markus Ortel

Scientific Programme Committee:

Luis Anido Rifón, Spain

Ingeborg Bø, Norway

Alan Bruce, Ireland

Juan Manuel Dodero, Spain

Dragan Domazet, Serbia

Rosa Doran, Portugal

Julia Glidden, UK

Jin Gon Shon, South Korea

Ilias Hatzakis, Greece

Tore Hoel, Norway

Yves Jacques, Italy

Kerstin Junge, UK

Dragana Kupres, Hungary

Duk Hoon Kwak, South Korea

Ard Lazonder, The Netherlands

Diane Lehenaff, France

Nikos Manouselis, Greece

Elina Megalou, Greece

António Moreira Texeira, Portugal

Kiyoshi Nakabayashi, Japan

Fabio Nascimbeni, Belgium

Erlend Øverby, Norway

Manuel Palomo, Spain

Jan Pawlowski, Finland

Mihkel Pilv, Estonia

Yves Punie, Spain

Miguel Rodriguez Artacho, Spain

Saverio Salerno, Italy

Demetrios Sampson, Greece

Mario Scalet, Italy

Sabine Schumann, Spain

Cleo Sgouropoulou, Greece

Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Spain

David Smith, Australia

Sofoklis Sotiriou, Greece

Marcus Specht, The Netherlands

Lampros Stergioulas, UK

Giannis Stoitsis, Greece

Imma Subirats, Italy

Andras Szucs, Hungary

Thapanee Thammetar, Thailand

Xenophon Tsili, Greece

Tim Unwin, UK

Nancy White, USA

Martin Wolpers, Germany

Zhu Zhiting, China